Saturday, October 8, 2011

Write from the start

The idea for this blog began last week when I made a grilled cheese sandwich. For me, not for my husband. As I got ready to take my first bite, I was telling my husband Tim how I hoped to become more observant in life, and to record these sitings somewhere. I wanted to become a better writer, and sought to pass this skill on to others.

Tim started laughing at me. I thought he imagined I had embarked on a brilliant idea and was happy about it. Finally, he pointed out to me that I hadn't noticed that he had taken the first bite out of my sandwich.

So, to prove to him and myself that I can be a perceptive and watchful person, I took his challenge to begin a blog. And I began noticing things.

First I'll tell the story of  a woman who was behind me in the grocery store last week. I  happened to look up from my flurry of bagging bread, carrot sticks, grapes and cereal. She was harried, too--looking frantically through her wallet for enough cash (or a credit card) to pay for her purchases. I was just thinking, "Someone should really help that lady" when a man two people behind her handed the cashier his credit card. When the cashless customer tried to thank him and ask if she could repay him somehow, he say, "Nah, I went to church today." (It was early Sunday afternoon.)

I hope to happen on more random moments of kindness like this as I keep my eyes open to the good works of others around me.

Till next time,


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  1. Good start, honey. You must have one fine editor. Also, I love the clever title.